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So The World May Hear

Delta Zeta's National Philanthropic Cause is hearing and speech. Our main philanthropy funds go to benefit the American Society for Deaf Children and the Delta Zeta Foundation. 

We are proud to have raised over $11,000 towards these philanthropies this school year!

Cheezy DZ

At our annual Cheezy DZ we open up our home to the entire campus community to enjoy everyone's favorite cheesy food! We serve all-you-can-eat Mad Mushroom cheesy bread, McDonald's cheeseburgers & hamburgers, Qdoba chips & queso, mozzarella sticks, mac & cheese, and grilled cheese. Cheezy DZ is so much fun for everyone involved, and it is definitely one of our favorite events of the year!

NC-DZ-A Basketball

NC-DZ-A Basketball is a basketball tournament event where we invite other FSCL organizations and students to create teams to compete for the championship title! This event happens in late February, just in time to get ready to celebrate March Madness. Delta Zeta members work the event as coaches, referees, and cheerleaders, and the winning team is awarded a trophy and t-shirts!

More About Our Philanthropy

Delta Zeta's National Philanthropy Partner is the American Society for Deaf Children. The American Society for Deaf Children helps hundreds of thousands of people around the country cope with their deafness. They provide deaf and hard-of-hearing children the support they need to develop the language center of their brains by offering American Sign Language classes and by embracing full language and communication access mentoring, advocacy, resources, and collaborative networks.


The Delta Zeta Foundation is our very own national philanthropy cause that exists to further the education and leadership skills of our Sorority. Not only does the Foundation provide scholarships and grants for deserving Delta Zeta members, but also puts on educational and leadership programs that anyone can participate in! The Delta Zeta Foundation receives ten percent of all the funds we raise at our philanthropy events!

Our chapter's local philanthropy cause is Grant's House, which is an organization in the Lafayette area that offers care and support to children with disabilities and their families. The Organization helps these children to develop independence while also fostering academic, social, and life skills! In addition to volunteering our time as a chapter, we also donate ten percent of the funds raised at our philanthropy events to this organization!

In addition to donations as a chapter, a lot of times members will share ways to donate to organizations that mean a lot to them. This year our sisters were able to donate over $1,000 to organizations such as the National Ovarian Coalition, Margie's Army, and the Purdue University Dance Marathon!

Food & Clothing Drives

Every year as a house, we host several food and clothing drives in support of local shelters and food banks. This school year we donated over 350 clothing items to the local YWCA in Lafayette! We also held multiple food drives in which we donated non-perishable goods to Purdue organizations and homeless shelters! 

External Philanthropy

As a chapter, Delta Zeta also participates in other FSCL Organizations' philanthropy events!  

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